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Immediate opportunity. Limitless impact.

What is your maximum potential? Let’s find out, together.


Cherry Blossom brings more than expertise to the market. We bring passion. We bring a worldview. We bring human progress powered by Artificial Intelligence. We don’t limit our thinking to what is, but we wonder what could be and make it a reality.


We’re always looking to connect with top data scientists, management consultants, BI and FP&A analysts, ambitious young professionals, and AI entrepreneurs in the U.S. and France. Send your resume or CV and your interest areas to to start a conversation.

Life at Cherry Blossom

Giving a Presentation
Apply Your Intelligence

From helping businesses activate their data with Artificial Intelligence to transforming business models to be carbon-neutral, you’ll grow as you help others grow.

Woman Checking Data on Tablet
Be an Entrepreneur

We are actively recruiting Managing Directors to scale key business units in the U.S and France. This is an Intrapreneur opportunity to run a division of Cherry Blossom.

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Work Globally

Cherry Blossom Digital is a global firm with a presence in Washington, D.C. and Paris, France. The opportunity to work in the U.S. or France is present with every position.

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