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Ready to Lead Your Own Recruitment Agency? 

Join Cherry Blossom new venture, where we turn recruitment dreams into reality! Aimed at experienced recruiters ready to lead, CBC offers the unique chance to build your own agency with our full support. Enjoy a competitive salary, financial backing, operational assistance, and expert mentoring. Embrace the opportunity to become a shareholder and shape your future with CBC. It's not just a career move; it's your entrepreneurial journey brought to life. Let's create success together!



Meet David Sierpinski, Founder

A strategic advisor to C-level executives, David founded Cherry Blossom Corporation after experiencing the evolution of staffing and digital consulting over the last 20 years. Where he also empowers aspiring entrepreneurs in the recruitment industry to achieve their dreams.

David is a native of France and now lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two daughters.

What Cherry Blossom Means to Us

Inspired by the beauty of the Cherry Blossom trees found in Washington, D.C. and our founder's native city of Paris, France, our mission is to connect top quality talent and with their ideal environments so they can be in the optimal conditions to flourish.

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