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Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Transform your business with actionable, real-time data.

Do you struggle with data-driven decision making?

√  Meetings spiral into debates over
data accuracy.


√  Your data is not organized into real-time dashboards.

√  It takes a team of analysts to support executive board meetings.

√  Forecasting is inaccurate and time-consuming.

We help professional services firms unify their company-wide data into reliable dashboards.


Your Roadmap to Increased Revenue Through Dashboard Success

Our efficient methodology gets you up and running quickly.

Team Meeting
1. Assess

Clarify your goals and assess your current state of data quality and management.

Person Checking Data
2. Pilot

Prepare and unify data while standing up your visualization tool for pilot KPIs.

3. Scale

Expand your program through managed services, staffing, or training of your team.

Case Study: Business Intelligence as a Service Transforms Forecasting for $800M Global Firm

Our client, an $800M global IT and Engineering firm, required teams of analysts to create manual reports for monthly board meetings. 


Cherry Blossom's unique approach to business intelligence discovered, prepared, and unified data from across the organization so that it could be visualized with Power BI. The data visualization from Cherry Blossom became a requirement for every meeting and allowed the teams of analysts to focus on new projects.


The move away from manual, PowerPoint reports to real-time dashboards not only meant that insights were available to leadership at any time, it created a culture of transparency and finally made possible data-driven management decisions.

Cherry Blossom continues to support the firm with change management, training, and ongoing KPI and data management. This ensures adoption and confident decision-making across the firm's leadership and global subsidiaries.

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